About Queensland Airports Limited

Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) is a regional airport specialist with an emphasis on creating significant regional airport development in Queensland and northern New South Wales. QAL is a 100% Australian owned, Queensland based company and owns and operates Gold Coast, Townsville, Mount Isa and Longreach Airports. QAL has been operating key regional airports in Queensland since 1998.

As part of its portfolio of aviation support businesses, QAL also owns the Northern Australian Aerospace Centre of Excellence (NAACEX) in Townsville.

We achieve operational excellence through a long-term commitment to regional investment, sustainable growth, regional partnerships and innovative strategy.

As a group we are passionate about finding innovative ways to achieve sustainable passenger growth that will not only benefit shareholders but benefit the regional communities we serve, our environment and business partners.

A definite ‘hands on’ approach to long term growth in air access and profitability to all partners is pivotal to QAL operations.


QAL’s principal shareholders are:

  • The Private Capital Group Pty Ltd as trustee for The Infrastructure Fund
  • Perron Investments Pty Ltd.
  • QAL Investments No. 2 Pty Ltd as trustee for QAL Investments Trust
  • STC Funds Nominee as trustee for the Project Cricket State Super Unit Trust
  • State Street Australia Ltd as custodian for Sunsuper Superannuation Fund
  • Allan Moss
  • Lipno Investments Pty Ltd


Our Vision

Engaging customers, connecting communities, exceptional experiences.

Our Mission

To be the best regional airport owner and operator in Australia.

Strategies to deliver our mission


  • Growing market share
  • Developing our non-aero business
  • Focus on cost and yield



  • Continually measuring and enhancing customer service quality
  • Upgrade facilities
  • Range of products and services



  • Sustainable activities
  • Collaborating with the community
  • Economic drivers in our regions



  • A common mission
  • Supporting success and being accountable
  • A diverse, skilled and capable team



  • Capacity management
  • Safe and secure places
  • Efficient and effective operations


For more information please visit www.qldairports.com.au

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